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if you’re proud of NU’EST

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There’s a big problem in the L.O.Λ.E fandom right now thanks to this interview, which happens to be Jason’s first interview as a member of NU’EST-M.

Baekho was asked what he does to stay fit, and after giving the answer, he said that he wanted to lose some weight. As we all know Baekho seems to have issues with his confidence and body type. Even so, he never said he was fat.
The translator didn’t know how to translate his words, so she used the word “fat”. 
None of the members seemed to understand this, but of course Jason did.

After a few questions, Jason was asked about his relationship with the members, immediatly Jason said they were all cute, especially Baekho, and he started to praise him.
It seems that Jason didn’t like the way the translator expressed Baekho’s words, and he wanted to give the chinese audience a better description of Baekho. 
Jason never used the word “fat” to define Baekho.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding, or just a fan that didn’t like Jason from the begining, but we are called LOΛEs for a reason, right? So please, let’s give this adorable boy a chance to win our hearts.

NU’EST-M fighting!

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Are you ready for NU'EST M?

Are you ready for NU'EST M?
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NU’EST celebrating the maknae’s 18th birthday.

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Pledis why do you play with my kokoro?

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  • BLONDE Aron
  • SILVERHEAD Baekho 


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ren chooses baekho over jren and Aren jr and aron  made their own couple called jron

(this is how i understand the story message me if im wrong XD )

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Mingi’s S-E-X-Y Dance feat. a very entertained agumon at the back

you forgot to add Baekho xD he was basically eating him with his eyes LOL

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#replace ‘beautiful’ with ‘cute’ and you get aron

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